How to Export Chrome Bookmark to each Website file

This article will explain How to Export each bookmark from Chrome to file, each website each file, so you can organize easier as a file system.

We will need to Export the bookmark that we have in Google Chrome then export to 1 file, html 1 file then we will import to Internet Explorer (IE) then generate/ convert bookmark to each website file. Let check step by step follow this article below.

First Export Google Chrome Bookmark, On the right-hand side, select Bookmark manager

On the right-hand side click Export bookmarks

We will get one file .html Google Chrome Bookmark

Open Internet Explorer (IE)

On the right-hand side, Click on Star symbol select Add to favorites then Import and export…

Click Import from a file then click Next

Add Favorites click Next

Browse the Bookmark html file that we already Export from Google Chrome then click Next

Click Favorites then Click Next and Click Finish

Now the Internet Explorer (IE) will convert our bookmark file to each website file so we can get each file in this path C:\Users\xxx\Favorites when xxx is your Username