Understanding Embedded System Communication

Communication is important for Embedded System which can use for many application including Internet of Things (IOT).

Communication Type

Communication has 3 type

  1. Simplex: One way communication , Listening radio, watch TV, read a book
  2. Half Duplex: two ways communication, cannot communicate at the same time, Walkie-talkie
  3. Full Duplex: two ways communication at the same time, telephone


How to compare speed of MCU or MPU

If we want to compare processor speed of CPU (inside MCU or MPU) how we can know which one is faster than another one? How can we know that?

The answer is we use relative comparison processor speed with reference CPU, what we call DMIPS (Dhrystone Million instructions per second or Dhrystone MIPS), reference CPU is DEC VAX 11/780 made since 1970. By comparison the same speed with DEC VAX 11/780 equal to 1 DMIPS. Relative comparison can use for compare with different Architecture CPU such as compare MSP 430 and ARM cortex M0 by DMIPS. (more…)

How to use Multiple Firefox Profile

How to do Multiple Firefox Profile? It is very very easy if you follow my step. But first what is “Multiple Firefox Profile”? Normally Firefox has only one profile to use, which is default you have to follow my step to activate multiple Firefox features. Firefox support many profile so you can have 3 profile or more for use multiple account. For example if you want to login 5 Facebook account in the same time, you can do it by create 5 Firefox profile. (more…)

How to show type of file [Windows Users]

Many people may have doubt, Why I need to show type of file? I would say it very very useful you should show type of file for example when you finding your file or tell other people where is the file are keep in your computer, with type of file you can specific to correct file and sometime you can identify version of tools which you use for create that file (like .docx is type of Microsoft Word 2007 or newer).

If you would like to show  type of file, How can I do that?

It very easy, you can follow step by step below, this is for Windows Users only. (more…)