How to install IAR MSP430

Follow step by step for IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430 installation.
And these installation are similar to other device of IAR Embedded Workbench.
The Version of IAR on this example, which I install, is 5.60.

Click Install IAR Embedded Workbench

Make sure your remove USB dongles (IAR license USB) from your PCs.

Before we can use IAR, it has to activate license, this process need the internet.

Click Yes, for extract files of IAR Libary Source for 430

Click License then Activate Licese

Fill your license number 12 digit with “–“

If you licese activa correcly, it will show green color on the licese

After finish activate IAR license you can use IAR without internet connection.

We finish install IAR MSP 430 now you can test by compile project, if it work it will can compile.

Recommend WP Super Cache Setting [Part1]

Many people are using WordPress. The must has plugin is definitely “Cache plugin”, which can cache dynamic page to static html page. And one of the popular WordPress plugin is “WP Super Cache”, with downloaded more than 1M. On this article I will show how to setting WP Super Cache correctly and efficiency.


Easy tab: this tab use for quick and easy setting no need to tuning, just click Caching On (Recommended).

Advanced tab: Is you need more efficiency. this is tab for you I will

explain each setting below. (more…)

Understanding MCU vs MPU

Many people have doubt about MCU and MCU, What are different between MCU and MPU?

MCU (Microcontroller Unit, uC)

MCU or Microcontroller, consist of 2 word are Micro and Controller, it mean small controller, small computer which inside microcontroller are Processor, memory, peripheral ADC, Timer, USART, USART or complex module such as AES module. (more…)

Understanding Embedded System Communication

Communication is important for Embedded System which can use for many application including Internet of Things (IOT).

Communication Type

Communication has 3 type

  1. Simplex: One way communication , Listening radio, watch TV, read a book
  2. Half Duplex: two ways communication, cannot communicate at the same time, Walkie-talkie
  3. Full Duplex: two ways communication at the same time, telephone


How to compare speed of MCU or MPU

If we want to compare processor speed of CPU (inside MCU or MPU) how we can know which one is faster than another one? How can we know that?

The answer is we use relative comparison processor speed with reference CPU, what we call DMIPS (Dhrystone Million instructions per second or Dhrystone MIPS), reference CPU is DEC VAX 11/780 made since 1970. By comparison the same speed with DEC VAX 11/780 equal to 1 DMIPS. Relative comparison can use for compare with different Architecture CPU such as compare MSP 430 and ARM cortex M0 by DMIPS. (more…)